Ken Atkins’ Virtual Choir Participation


A “Virtual Choir” is a choir that is made up of people from all over the world who learn and sing a part of a choir piece and then upload it to be mixed into a single audio and video track. The concept was made popular by Eric Whitacre, a renowned composer and director of choir music. His first Virtual Choir “Lux Aurumque” had 185 participants. He introduced the concept at a TED talk (, and premiered his VC 2.0 with over 2000 singers. I found out about this concept in time to participate in his 4th VC with almost 6000 singers.

Here is a list of the Virtual Choirs in which I have participated. (I included links to some of my uploaded parts…just so you can see what the individual parts look like.. Also anyone can see that you don’t have to be “The Voice” worthy to participate in these Virtual Choirs)   Enjoy!


DateName# SingersLeader/DirectorFinal ResultProject WebsiteKen's Parts
July, 2013Virtual Choir 45,904Eric Whitacre
December, 2013World of Color Honor Choir “Glow” (Eric Whitacre)1,473Eric Whitacre
April, 2014VC Friends “Run To You” (Pentatonix)47Director: David Johnson
Technical:Michael Lining
September, 2014VC Friends “The Hymn of Axciom” (Vienna Teng)58Music Director: Chad Oman
Video: Patrick Williams
December, 2014Silent Night Virtual Choir 201470Patrick Williams 2:
November, 2018 The choir starts at around 19 minutes of this 29 minute video. You can see my video if you look really close at the mid lower right from minute 20:22 to 20:30, starting 19 rows up and about four columns in.